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Nooo! I don’t wanna go back!

June 9, 2005

Well, after six weeks off work with mono (I wouldn’t wish mono on ANYONE)… I don’t wanna go back! A TiredStudent’s dream come true… six weeks with doctor’s orders to sleep as much as possible! Whoohoo! Actually, I, when I could, have gotten a lot done. As usual, college has been a bore (wooo.. “how to browse the internet”), but I’ve managed to do a lot of reading, got the web site up and going (even though that was a single-day project), and managed to get Ehon, my new FFXI character, from level 30 WAR to level 53 WAR, 34 SAM, 24 THF, etc, etc. It’s nice, however, to not feel like I need to sleep 30 out of 24 hours. I just wish I had something more exciting to go back to.Doing alirght on my diet… *grumbles* Due to six weeks of sleeping and eating… hmmm… yeah. Kinda killed the body in time for summer. *cry* So, between eating healthy, avoiding booze *CRY!!!*, and working out everyday… I’m ready to kill myself. I miss food and working out is boring. Oh well…Tomorrow will be my test of strength–literally. Eight hours at work and five hours in class–back-to-back. My classmates are actually making bets on whether or not I’ll be tired, bitchy, or tired and bitchy. I hope there’s more money on the third; I’m sure that’s the right one.

Lata!-d (^_^)

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