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My Week Back…

June 11, 2005

Well… my week back wasn’t as bad as I thought. Most seemed to actually miss me (read: everyone except my department, for some reason…). I was pummeled with projects and web goodies to do and was tuned into an announcement next week that I might be able to get a new job (hopefully, as it’s looking, as the MIS Dept’s first official web monkey).

Class went well last night, I was still coming off my high of having a pretty good day. Today was more of a downer… it’s was dead and creating web surveys is just boring. Five pages of questions and I strongly disagree with the amount of typing it requires. I looked for plugins into Dreamweaver or something… and found some cool things for ColdFusion… too bad I don’t have CF Server loaded on my workstation. *cry*

Oh! I figured out the router issue. Cox blocks random ports incoming, so I had to rework some of the routing for the website; hopefully everyone can access it now.

FFXI has sucked recently. I’m eternally stuck at level 53. *angry* The annoying PLD that just had Cure I at level 47 is at level 60+ now… so unfair. Hopefully I can see the light of level 55 this weekend so I can start my crusade for the 475,000G that I need to buy level 55 armour. Please send me donations!


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