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September 20, 2005

Quitting the guild…?

It seems odd. After months of annoying conversations, heated debates, and general unenjoyment, I finally left my EQ2 guild, the House of Cards.

I stuck around, mostly, because several of my IRL friends also played for that guild; however, this past few weeks have just drove me up the wall. The proverbial camel’s back was broken when the founders posted the new charter that explained how the guild was “for self-interest” individuals and help shouldn’t be expected unless it served other’s self-interest. What the hell? Are we moving back to a confederation of idocracy? It was probably trite that I left on the pretense of self-interest–wanting to find a guild I could contribute to and be a part of a “whole,” not a confederacy of self-serving individuals. Is that bad to want to help others with nothing expected in return?

So, I’m now guildless… and, so far, loving it. The voices in my head are gone and I can harvest and craft in peace and quiet.

A-ha for the moment: given the opportunity, people consider nothing except themselves and look at you like your a blithering idiot when you suggest otherwise. It must be the American way.

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