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ravaging rita…

September 24, 2005

The mayor and city manager of Galveston Island has been on the news most of the morning giving status reports from the “battered city.” I’ve been to Galveston. I love it there, nice scenery, good places to eat, and a very nice condo right on the beach. Good times had by all. So… somewhat familiar with what the island and causeway look like.

When asked if Rita was still severe, the mayor emphatically replied:

“Yes, oh yes! We’re still having 45 mile per hour winds”

Later, the city manager piped in that only key personnel were being allowed back into the city with how dangerous the storm was. They proceeded to show photos.

Okay, let me tell you something. 45 mile per hour winds? That’s NORMAL here in Kansas. We fly kites in 60mph. I think the “severe” cut off is like 50mph. So… and, the “damage”… yes, it’s very tragic that the multimillion dollar yachts are battered in the harbors, but one house had… oh my, their mailbox blown down. *gasp*

Give me a break!

Then again, Bush would never let the world see how “unprepared” Texas was/is… he’d rather show how unprepared and unwilling the poor Southerners are.

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