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you want what?

September 26, 2005

I somewhat went off on a client today at work. Major project… mostly done… a CMS solution, very fancy, and a huge learning curve for me (jumped off mountain into deep deep C# lake). The architecture is complete, we're just waiting for them to figure out how they want content to go in and create the business logic for some of the controls.

So, what about that pissed me off?

"so, what's the timeline on getting this done?"

Getting what done? "this"? No, no, dear customer, you misunderstand. You are the customer, you tell me what you want and we'll do it (within some reason and realistic constraints, of course). If we do it the way it should be done, you won't like it and we'll have to redo it, so we just won't play that game.

Anyway, it boils down to the fact I'm tired of our company culture relishing in unclear goals and unknown expectations.

"You have some metal, wire, and paint… when can it be done? I need it by then." — That's our current culture for internal project management. No idea what needs to be made and everyone is scared out of their minds to say what they need. And, God forbid, we determine, based on the requirements and constraints, a reasonable deadline.

"I need a green car that looks like this [insert specs here] that will accept unleaded fuel and fit my family. What do you need from me and when can I have this? We'd like it in a month, will this work?" — Ahh, sweet fiction and fantasy.


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