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adept III excitement

September 27, 2005

I've spent the past week harvesting every tier 5 ruby and rhodium I could fine… and picking up inexpensive (urr.. 1plat'ish) off the broker… meh, it's just fake money. I'm poor IRL, I can be poor in the game too!

The beautiful Sage Laliana has then created me a nice collection of adept III's for Derahine.

Infact, to my excitement, I now have Adept III's for all of my level 40 to 50 spells (with the exception of Bloodlust since I get a new version right at level 52ish).

YAY! Took me 50 levels, but I finally have decent spells!

Now… to start finding pearls for my level 51 to 60 spells. Gah… neverending.

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