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lunch time!

September 28, 2005

They’re demolishing our old office area and rebuilding it for the next 3 weeks (read: 6-8 weeks). In the mean time, we’ve been moved into the lounge. Seven individuals… all with different roles… shoved in a room about the size of my living room. With phones ringing off the hook, loud voices, and the occassional rude jackass who wanders into the “lounge” shouting on their cellphone and banging the soda machine next to my “desk.”

Oh yeah, what doesn’t kill us… should be hunted and killed for failing.

Strap on those noise-canceling headsets and turn up 525.com’s Power Tracks on WinAmp. I do enjoy having a microwave in my “office” again… three steps away from a nice cup of tea anytime!

Past that, a somewhat non-productive day. The expected issues with allowing users to enter into a user field has become a firestorm. “Why are those fields blank?” I chuckle and respond, “Because they are… you said they could leave them blank.” In return, “I want them to have that option, but I want to know what the information is too!”. I just stare at my screensaver at the crazed logic… My apps would work so much better without l-users.

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