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death of a cube farm

October 4, 2005

Cube farms have lives too…

Death of the Cube Farm

Cube farms are the embodiment of the hardwork, dedication, and value of the geeks it contains. Alas, ours has been put down like a dog… wiped from the face of the earth to make way for more modern (and clean) cubes.

Here you can see the remains of my poor cube, bless it’s soul.

Death of My Cube

Curious though, 24 years (age of the building and the cubes) of dust bunnies and stray Skittles… One ponders… “I was breathing in this shit?!”

Finally, my new home… in the lounge. This should last for 4-6 weeks according to management–that means 4-6 months in real-world time. At least the Dew is close by.

My New Home

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