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x86 transition

October 12, 2005

This week has been … interesting. I've slowly migrated from my laptop to a new Dell Precision 670. The caveat? It's also been a transition to 32-bit to 64-bit applications. It's amazing what does and doesn't work. EESH!


  1. Flash 8.0 isn't a 64-bit application and must run in 32-bit instances of IE.
  2. Windows Media Player cannot be rendered in 64-bit versions of IE for most web pages. It's like the site cannot detect through the 64-bit .dll's.
  3. Palm PDAs (e.g. my Zire 71) do not have 64-bit drivers. No resolution on this one yet.
  4. My Dell didn't ship with 64-bit sound drivers… and didn't list them on the web. I finally found my answer in another blog.
  5. Virtual PC 2005 doesn't work with 64-bit environments. I did manage to get on the R2 beta team for Virtual Server 2005 R2… but, eesh!

Non-essential applications like Trillian, WinAmp, WinRAR, EverQuest2, PowerDVD, Acrylic, and Max seem to work just fine. >_>;

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