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October 20, 2005

Complaints about a program I developed are pouring in. It’s slow, user input is clunky, etc. Slow, hmm, yeah, I see that one. Our SQL Server is pummeling away at 95% with 120+ users hitting it. User input… that’s a design decision by the customer, not us. *shrug* But, read one real highlight I got. This is unedited from a distict teacher.

“Just talked with one of my teachers. She said sor the students who don’t know much right know it is taking her about an hour to enter 3 – 4 students. But for the kids who have started knowing something it is taking along time and then the computer times them out and they are having to start over entering the data for theat child. What is going to happen at the end of the year when all (hopefully) will know it all? She said that one of the other teachers it took her 40 minutes to enter 2-3 kids. Each teacher has between 20-25 students. There is no way that they can get all their students data entered in only a half day of work time at that rate and if they are having problems with to many teachers on the system now what is going to happen on the 28th when the district of Kindergarten teachers are trying to enter data?”

I think we’ve discovered why children are being left behind…

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