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where do these ‘educators’ come from?

November 8, 2005

I'm in my final batch of classes now before December graduation–Human Nutrition and Heritage of Great Britain. Yeah, I know… pud classes, but I needed the science and humanities credits! What makes these classes worse, so far, has been the instruction–or lack thereof.

The Nutrition class seems confused. It's an on-campus class and everyone seems lost and confused. Study groups were disorganized and actually seemed to not understand who was in what group. Over half the class was missing the first night. Ugh. The instructor, a counselor at a local middle school, seemed nice enough, but I think her teaching methodologies are going to drive me insane. I swear that she, throughout the class, forgot what she was teaching. She seemed unfamiliar with the book, the charts she was displaying (omg.. on the projector), and the packet of mis-copied papers (of which, I'll need to spend my money to tear apart and copy correctly… apparently, even though the pages are numbered, that was a difficult task). I left with a feeling of intense despair. I know I wasted five hours and have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to do for the next week.

The Heritage class is just a bitch. It's online, yet the teacher hasn't posted a single word nor has she responded to my emails in over two weeks. We, as students, have no idea if we're even doing or learning what she is grading us on… I've been voted by four of my classmates to torment the dean of academic affairs and see what we can do–see if our teacher died or something. I guess I'll get on that by the end of the week. Past that, the class discussions are a hoot. People get so hooked up on religious ideals and how "the world should be run" (from their American point of view), that it is difficult to actually hold conversations.

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