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Taking advantage of Mother Nature?

April 26, 2006

It amazes me (notice I don’t say shocks) how people take advantage of others so easily. Two days ago, we were pummeled by baseball sized hail, tornadoes, and pretty much shitty weather the entire day. I spent my morning commute hiding under a bridge on the interstate and praying that the freaks behind me protected me from the onslaught of weather.

So, I’ve overheard coworkers and random speak-alouds alike gloating on how they’re screwing their insurance companies for the “dings so small you can’t see them” and getting upwards of 10,000$ in return. What the HELL?! No wonder I pay so bloody much for my car insurance. The fact I’m younger and drive a sports car has NOTHING to do with it–it’s the idiots who can’t freaking tell the truth. This was just spurned more by a coworker who stood shouting to his insurance company on the phone, then, apparently, got the answer he wanted, hung up, and laughed to a fellow coworker that his car was in the garage at the time.


*sigh* It also makes me question our employee choices here… (>_>);

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