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What if I remember lyrics?

May 17, 2006

In response to the recent suing of XM Satalite Radio (yes, I have one and love it since I spend so much time driving), I wonder where the RIAA is going to stop.

When I think about it, I'm sure the RIAA considers me the worst enemy:

  1. I have an iPod and have imported many CDs and records to my iPod,
  2. I have an XM Radio and use it religiously around the house, office, and while driving,
  3. I have a computer and somewhere on that computer, I'm sure music files are cached from XM, iTunes, or even artist's web sites,
  4. Finally, I have a brain and somewhat of a memory and can remember lyrics and music.

They've attacked #1 to 3; I'm curious when my memory will be taxed for illegally remembering song lyrics and music.

Thankfully, most of the alternative and metal artists I listen to are either part of one of the collations against the RIAA or against their stance of "world domination."

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