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3.2gb for an operating system…

June 13, 2006

So, I’m adventurous… and I figured I’d give the new Vista Beta 2 a shot. The CTP, which I had previously installed, brought my laptop/test machine to it’s knees–a laptop with 2GB RAM, a 256MB video card, but slower hard drive (5400 RPM) and, unfortunately, a mobile processor.

Anyway, Windows XP Professional fits on a single CD. Nifty. Now, even with the exception that the MSDN version includes 4 of the most popular Vista editions, it’s still a whopping 3.2 GB. I started it about two hours before I went home last night, and it’s ran alllllllllll night. That whopping 43.9KB/sec is almost bringing our OC-3 line down… tremendous speeds.

Anyone else dived in and experienced the joy of Glass and all the other features that I plan to turn off? 🙂

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