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code comments are our friends

June 13, 2006

Due to a change in customer requirements, I’ve spent a good portion of today attempting to rewrite code developed by an external contractor… with the enjoyment of a scavenger hunt while blindfolded.

Why do so many coders feel the need to strip comments out and create the absolute shortest variables possible? Comments are our friends and help our fellow coders figure out wtf you’re trying to do. I’m all for short, concise code, but with compiled code that rips out the unnecessary stuff when it compiles… leave the source code as pristine and user-friendly as possible!

DataSet _d = new DataSet(_a.Tables[0]); tells me nothing and text.Text = var1.ToString() + ” ” var2.ToString() + ” ” var3.ToString(); makes me violent. Most of my time today has been spent interperting the behind-the-scenes stored procedures and then the actual database columns to see what each data value means and what it should be. Ugh.

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