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a lifted burden

June 29, 2006

Prior to the educational loan increase in a few days, I’ve been teetering back and forth on my student loans… and finally opted to just bite the bullet and pay them off in full.  The interest was more than I make in the bank at the moment and they were relatively small.

Kinda nice to not owe the government your first born anymore… w00t.

Also, it’s disturbing to see how much debt education can accumulate.  Check out the accumulated MBA rates…

Graduate Education Debt All Education Debt
(Grad & Undergrad)
Graduate & Professional Degree Programs Percent Borrowing Cumulative Debt Percent Borrowing Cumulative Debt
MBA 53.0% $35,525 63.6% $41,687

So, most MBA graduates have 41,687$ in debt by the end of their degree?  Ack.  Maybe it’s better to tighten the pursestrings now so I can use that later to buy a HOUSE (or a nice computer ;)).

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