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Pioneer DEH-P3800MP and AUX Input #2

July 27, 2006

It appears that my cable caught in the air conditioning panel was intentional to “tie it up out of the way”.  WTF.  Anyway, I took the dash apart, routed it around a bit better with the other XM cable.. but came to a realization–the Connect2 cable is 6″ long on each connector–at max.  It’s a good 12 to 14″ from my glovebox to where the XM is mounted… not considering getting it to my iPod in my cupholder.  So, /sigh, it looks like I’ll return the Connect2 cable and pick up the Pioneer specific XM radio transponder and the Pioneer specific iPod connector.  It’s about 50$ more in the end, but, then I can control EVERYTHING through the radio, won’t need my current XM Roady (which I can use at home or office), and I think I’ll be happy… maybe.

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