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Oracle ODP & TNSNames Woes

August 7, 2006

I frequently move my webs from server to server as they enter test, dev, and production.  Lately, keeping the Oracle TNSNames.ora files copisetic on each of these servers has became a NIGHTMARE because we have Oracle 9.2, 10g, 10.2, or whatever else is loaded up with the latest and greatest.

FOR TESTING, I recommend the following web.config solution:


Basically, if using ODP, you can replicate the TNSNames file inside of the web.config or connection string.

<add name="__INSTANCE__" connectionString="User Id=__USERNAME__; 
Password=__PASSWORD__; Data Source=(DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = 

In your actual data layer, just reference it as normal.

connString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[“instance”].ConnectionString;

I’m sure, since that’s an OLD thread, everyone knows this… but I searched FOREVER to find it.  I lose at Google. 😦

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