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Do you have raiding ADHD?

August 28, 2006


As an officer of a raiding guild and MMORPG player that has been a raider for almost 5 years now, it boggles my mind to see that raid instructions must be repeated, in detail, every week… week after week.  Our raiding schedule is EXACTLY the same… every week.  We’ve been in the same areas now for… hmm… four months, maybe more on some of them?  What does this require?  It requires the raid leader telling everyone EVERYTHING.  If not, even veterans wonder around like lost children… randomly “clicking” on things and getting themselves into trouble. 

Case in point: Last night, we battled an encounter that we’ve done dozens of times before… and because it wasn’t 100% explained (we’re in the process of changing our raid leadership around), people just stood there fat, dumb, and DEAD.  The excuse was?  “Oh, you didn’t say that…”  *sigh*

I should know better.  I see the same mentality everyday at work, school, and most everywhere else.


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  1. Geoff
    August 29, 2006 at 4:54 pm

    hmmm i don’t feel that i have to say much other than OMFG people …don’t ever expect too much outa….:P

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