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Internet Explorer 7 RC1 Released

August 30, 2006

If you haven’t already downlaoded it, IE7 RC1 is out and appears to be better than ever.  The only oddity I’ve found so far is that I had to reinstall my Developers Toolbar [link to download].  According to the IEBlog, it appears they did quite a bit of work to the jscript engine in anticipation of the new AJAX sites.  I hit it against a few AJAX sites I’ve built and don’t immediately see any difference, but they’re not real complex sites.

Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) (most common)
For use with Windows XP Professional SP2 and Windows XP Home SP2 editions
(Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 build number 7.0.5700.6)

Source: Internet Explorer 7: downloads

Things I have noticed, but haven’t dug through the RN’s to see:

  1. Favorite icons seem to be caching a lot better… DI’s icon is actually APPEARING now. w00t.
  2. Response time on some sites, specifically on some of our SPS sites, is dramatically increased (these are JScripts, so perhaps that’s the engine at work).
  3. An issue that was creeping up in prior builds regarding the Telerik MenuBar control (creating a wide gap between it and other elements) appears to be resolved.  Another w00t.

Continuted annoyances?  Sure!

  1. *sigh* My IE window still looks freaked… having the Live toolbar AND IE7’s search bar.  Can one or the other realize the existance of the other… and hide the second search bar?  I want my blog and other icons from the Live bar… but confuse MYSELF with two search bars.
  2. Notice how many odd icons I have?  The Menu bar, the address bar, search bar(s), then the Live toolbar… dev toolbar, my del.icio.us bar, and then the new IE7 icon bar on the bottom right.  Uhh… *CRIES*  Perhaps this is for all vendors, but can you make EACH icon a separate entity so I can customize it sorta like Office 7 ribbons? 😀

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