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Google Notebook vs. Onfolio

August 31, 2006

I’ve used Google’s “beta” Notebook since I discovered it several months ago.  Now realize, I spend HOURS per week researching various topics and attempting to keep it all straight–topics for various work projects (searching code, design tips, and concepts for functionality), school projects (whatever class/report that I’m working on at the time), and personal research endeavors (colors and the effects of colors on moods and learning is my topic du’jour at the moment).

So, with my Windows Live Toolbar, I decided to try out Onfolio.  It, on installation, appears to be a VERY slicked up version of Google Notebook.  Internet Explorer integration, keen searches, and even RSS deaggragation for those who get their research from feeds.  Slick.  You can also blog directly from a “snippet” and add custom categories and comments to each.

However, I found myself returning to Google Notebook…


I research at home, work, mobile… and from about 7 different PCs depending on where I am.  Google Notebook is with me anywhere I am on the Internet and can be used with or without the browser integration.  Second?  Especially for my school and work projects, the ability to share out my research is an extremely sweet feature.  My Onfolio information is stuck in little proprietary .CFS files or exported to obnoxious .URL links or .HTML files.  Bleh.

So, for now, Google Notebook remains my research management source.  Anyone use anything else?

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