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MSDN Wiki… improvement?

September 8, 2006

So, since 2.0’s release… generics have been my weakness.  It’s a situation where “oh, well, the old way works…”  and I rarely have time lately to leisure sit back and (attempt to) learn something.  So, with today being somewhat relaxing, I decided to see what I could come up with in regards to Generics. 

I don’t really have any .NET 2.0 books–why?  I have the internet and Google. 😀  And as I’ve noted in other posts.. I rock at Google.  Heh.

I actually started elsewhere–the MSDN Wiki, a community-based MSDN that combines MSDN with user-input content, examples, code, etc.

My opinions:

  1. Cool concept, but I wish they would have used Wikipedia’s model.  MSDN is a PAIN to navigate with the perpetual menus on the left and baby articles.
  2. It’s somewhat difficult to differentate MSDN and community content… past the fact community content is at the bottom and in green.  Too bad you can’t just browse user content.

I’ll keep perusing the Generics section… which, so far in my reading, is just the MSDN reference.  Anyone have any good sites on generics, their usage, and performance benefits/benchmarks?

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