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War? Hunger? Disease? No, chap… Vodka!

September 11, 2006

 It appears that our friends in the European Union are much too busy to deal with the acts of terrorism in the Middle East as Americans recognize Patriot Day here in the United States.  What are they busy meeting about?  Vodka.  Yes, vodka.  This actually stunned me that a committee is being convened to determine HOW to make it.  People are paid for this… people’s tax dollars are spent on this.  What.. the.. hell?!

EU member states are currently quarreling over what raw materials should be allowed, with some countries saying any agricultural produce is acceptable and others arguing that real vodka is made only from grain or potato.

As national experts meet in Brussels in search of a compromise, we publish the results of a blind tasting of vodkas from the EU, designed to test whether the raw materials make any difference to the average consumer.

Then again, frankly, I don’t really like vodka unless it’s mixed in a screwdriver or something…

Source: BBC NEWS | Europe | Stepping blind into the vodka war

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