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EU And Microsoft Clash Over Vista Security per SlashDot

September 12, 2006

 Okay, I try not to blog about what’s on TechDirt or Slashdot because the … readers(?) of those publications beat it to death.  However, after the myrad of publicity that MSFT has recieved over the years that their product is not secure enough… again, I’m astonished.

“European Union officials warned Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday not to shut out rivals in the security software market as the company plans to launch its Windows Vista operating system with built-in protection from hackers and malicious programs. EU spokesman Jonathan Todd told reporters that the European Commission is “ready to give guidance to Microsoft” concerning Vista but added that it was up to the U.S. software maker ‘to accept and implement its responsibilities as a near monopolist to ensure full compliance’ with EU competition rules.”

Source: Slashdot | EU And Microsoft Clash Over Vista Security
Source: Techdirt: EU Warns Microsoft Against Making Vista Too Secure

Let me see if I adlib this right?  The EU would like Microsoft not to include security features–Defender, DEP, anti-virus, anti-phishing (IE7), pop-up blockers, and everything else included in the montague of Vista–because then 3rd party vendors cannot patch these holes using duct tape.  I see the capitalist in this; however, I may be odd, but I prefer a ship without holes than one with holes to ensure the hole-fixers have jobs.  Are software manufacturers hurting that bad for things to do?

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