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Intel Core 2 Duo Vs. AMD AM2 Review on ExtremeTech

September 13, 2006

Now we dive back into our comprehensive benchmark suite, running a wide array of performance tests across the entire range of Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Athlon 64 AM2 processors. AMD has the price edge, but is that enough to overcome Intel’s performance lead? How well do the various CPUs scale across the product line? We try to address those questions.

Source: Intel Core 2 Duo Vs. AMD AM2 Review on ExtremeTech

I’m still weighing the pros and cons of a new computer.  My Dell auto-reminded me that it’s warranty is about up, a Dell Gen-4 with Intel Extreme Edition processor that has kicked ass for quite some time now… but is it really worth it?  To get the same gains, I feel I’d have to get another Extreme processor. 

On Dell, my EPP costs are about 1k$ for the processor alone.  The “dream system” specs around 7.5k$ right now–definately not something on the college student’s budget.  I figure I’ll wait until something DIES a horrid death on my current PC and then grab up the new technology then.  Then again, all my desktop PC does is EQ2, development in VS.NET 2005, manage photos, and watch movies… sadly, I’m not really a high usage user… I get enough cycles in at work.

This review is pretty nice–I had yet to find something that compared the entire gamut of processors.  Ahh, dreams…

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