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Too much news?

September 14, 2006


Do you find yourself reading TOO much news?  I have started to notice that my morning routine of information gathering is taking a bit longer now days.

  1. I read the morning paper, usually, while I drink coffee.  This haphazard attempt at assimilating the happenings of the prior day and what I missed in the prior evening news.
  2. When I flip on the computer, I peruse the 8-10 blogs headlines that I frequent for anything new, read mark it to read if it sounds interesting, and the hit up the random RSS feeds, such as Slashdot and Techdirt.
  3. At work, the headlines of my workplace–department and enterprise-wise messages and news for that day.
  4. When I get home, I tend to watch the local news and world news at 5:30 and 6:00; given I’m home by then…
  5. In EQ2, I have the live update notes, test notes, random forums that I happen to frequent, including our guild forums, etc.

Meh?  The odd side is I find myself reading the SAME thing… especially in public news.   I wish I could teach the news readers to filter out duplicate stories (aka: I really didn’t care about Britney Spears’ new baby… but every major media source seemed to cover it). Hmm, perhaps a new todo list item to help find a new, better way. 😀

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