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Some things get better with age…

September 18, 2006

… others may not. 😉

I spent most of today thinking and enjoying “me” time to just chill and relax.  It’s hard to believe that I’m 25 and even harder to accept it.  I have always been pegged throughout my years as the ‘young kid’ doing things and while I’m still, by quite a bit, the youngest in our offices, it’s interesting to be ‘growing up’.  Heck, I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up, which probably explains why I tend to try to do a bit of everything and anything that interests me.  To a point, I hope that never changes with age.

A few stats, courtesy of this little book I recieved as a gift (plus links for those interested):

1981 vs. 2006

  • A new car was 7,718$ on average… which that may buy you a door today of the new Mercedes SL550 Roadster.
  • A gallon of gas was 1.31$, where we’re about double that today.
  • A gallon of milk was 2.23$, which, oddly, is FAR more than it is today.
  • A Bush, was Vice President…  rather than President.  *sigh*
  • The Dow Junes averaged around 932, but closed today at 11,555.00$.
  • September 18 was a Friday, not a Monday.  Heh, I wonder if it was payday…
  • Panasonic released the Stereo-To-Go, a pre-walkman that is about the size of my Palm Zire, my cell phone, my iPod, and this booklet of information… all put together.

In world news, unfortunately, was pretty tragic.  Reading through here, however, is VERY similar to 25 years later.  *sigh*

  • Public debt hits 1$ trillion dollars.
  • AIDS is officially recognized in the U.S.
  • President Reagan orders 12,000 air-traffic controllers fired to end a strike (remember hearing this a couple weeks ago when the plane crashed due to not enough controllers in the tower–STILL the effects of this).
  • American hostages in Iran released
  • Israeli planes destroy Iraqi nuclear reactor, called Operation Opera.
  • President Sadat of Egypt assassinated by Muslims
  • etc…

Source: Pages of Time, 1981. 

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