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Omea Reader and More News’ing

September 21, 2006

A few days ago I wrote about how I was trying to manage the crazy amounts of news and information that I attempt to parse through each day.  I have fallen behind on the MSDN newsgroups and the SharePoint webparts that I designed to help aggregate the various RSS feeds I use are becoming more trouble than they are worth with more and more feeds.

I updated my ReSharper to the latest version (2.0.1) and noticed the Omea Reader.  I’d seen it before, but… at the time, wasn’t looking for an RSS reader.

No, that’s not correct.  This is an information reader on crack.

So far, I’ve pumped the 20-25 RSS feeds into it and the various csharp, vstudio, and lately vista MSDN newsgroups into the system.  The response time, built in newswriter functions, and such are pretty slick. It also has the option to watch pages for updates; however, as most of the pages I read have RSS, I haven’t used those features yet.

The >> (reply) highlighting is pretty slick and, so far, seems like a top-notch application.

The price:  free.  W00t.

So, run in terror, I have more ways now to torment communicate with people.

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