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Vista’s “Repair” Features

September 21, 2006

Over the last two days, two of my raid drives decided that now was a good time to croak, thus breaking both the system and my applications RAID0’s.  Meh.  Drives were both the same model (WD7400GD-00FL) and only a few numbers apart in serial number.  Perhaps a bad batch (though new ones are enroute–WD’s RMA process is sweet).  Anyway, it appeared to trash the MBR for the boot drive.  I tossed in the Vista CD, clicked Repair, loaded the SATA raid drivers, and it automatically detected the failed installation, and asked me to reboot–“Your error has been resolved.”.

A reboot and I was once again at my desktop.  Pretty slick.

Now, a suggestion: TELL ME what you did, Vista.  Event Logs, even on screen, something.  I’m assuming that the MBR was regenerated and life was made grand; however, it doesn’t detail that anywhere on exactly WHAT was fixed.  Boo.

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