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Vista RC1 Video Performance Observations

September 24, 2006

I loaded up 3DMark06 to test out how video performance was in RC1 after a few frustrating days of annoying lag in EQ2.  I figured it had something to do with the beta ATI Catalyst drivers… or perhaps DX10 doing something odd.

Nope.  It appears things are just slow.

Dell XPS Gen4 with ATI X850 XT Platinum Edition

The overall 3DMark was 2136 with a CPU mark of 1083.   These seem a BIT low to me considering there are results in the 16000+ range (now, those are SLi and CrossFire results too… but yeah.)

The average FPS was around 9… at 1280×1024 and many of the results were never calculated; it crashed after the second CPU test.

I ran tests with both the WDDM driver from WindowsUpdate dated 8/15/2006 and the ATI Catalyst Beta dated 9/14/2006.  There was no measurable performance difference.

Dell XPS M170 (mobile) with nVidia GeForce Go 7800 GTX

The overall 3DMark was 3028 with a CPU score of 947.  Again, a bit odd.  All tests ran fine on the laptop with a SM2.0 score of 1297 and HDR/SM3.0 score of 1251. 

The average FPS was around 11… again, not much better considering most video performance for gaming is expected around 30-40 FPS (for crisp, clean pictures).  I noticed at times, especially during the Return to Proxycon demo, FPS would dip as low as 4 when high lighting scenes occured.

I expected the CPU score to be signficantly less, but didn’t quite expect the 3DMark to be nearly 1000 more.  Perhaps I should EQ a bit more on my laptop. 😉

These results were with the default Dell drivers (Forceware v. 78.30).  I attempted to update to the latest Go drivers; however, for some reason, the installation couldn’t find a valid card in my system.  Heh; odd.


According to FutureTech’s websites, these results are laughable at best. 

So, while I considered Vista’s video performance to be lacking, it unfortunately seems to be right on target with the other XP machine.. they’re just slow in compairson to modern graphic demands.

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