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Unnatural things…

September 25, 2006

So, I’ve used the same Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard for ages.  It’s an old Elite (circa really old, I couldn’t find a date, but it’s PS2 if that gives you a hint) that worked like a champ… until today. 

Not only did three keys die… but, they were strategically two of the keys in my password.  Wonderous.  After hunting around the office, it appears natural keyboards are extinct.  *shrug* Seems to be the trend with natural things lately anyway. 

I did find this beauty that Dell has been shipping with our rack-mount servers. It’s a “compact” model that totes that it’s for home and office use.

 Dell Minimalist Keyboard

Is Dell REALLY saving money?  If so, I want a refund on the plastic that was shaved off this bad boy.  A new keyboard is on order, but I never realized how attached I was to a simple thing like a keyboard.  I swear I’ve been typing 5wpm at 10% accuracy all morning.  As a programmer… typing is my life.  Can I take the day off now and return the Fisher Price Dell keyboard? 😀

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