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Vista: Upgrade to 5728

September 25, 2006

Since this has been the local debate on the Microsoft newsgroups, I took the plunge and attempted an in-place upgrade to 5728.  It took about 2 hours after the first 5 minutes of me putting the key in and saying Yes to upgrade.  Totally hands-off…

Bad things:

  • Cisco WebVPN still fails, as already reported. 😦

Odd things:

  • Booting up, I wasn’t in Aero mode until 2-3 reboots later.  I never turned it off… and never turned it back on.  But it’s on now.
  • The “Your copy of Windows is not genuine” at the bottom is not real easily understood. Activating doesn’t fix this, going to the web and running the Genuine Advantage checker thing does–and after a reboot.  Until you do this, WindowsUpdate and other features won’t fire off.  Meh.
  • My icons duplicated on my start menu and my recently/frequently used items (below the pined items on the start menu) reset.  Boo.
  • My Quick Launch bar reset to the default IE, desktop, and 3D flipper icon. Again, boo.
  • Some folders are now blue-green instead of folder colors.
  • The boot-up splash screen now lacks the copyright date.  Haha, that’s discouraging–are they not sure what year this is going to be released?!

Good things:

  • Performance is substantially better.  I still rank a 4.4 (heh), but it appears things are snapper.  Sort of like Debug has been turned off.  Windows and Explorer performance seems much smoother than in RC1.
  • EQ2 performance is much better.  The video is smooth–even at High Quality–and doesn’t appear to chop like in RC1.  I’m not sure if this is an update to DX10 or not.  The driver looks the same version. 
  • All of my programs seem to run just fine. codecs working for DVD playing, and all seems well.
  • In Windows Live Writer, I have my education category sounded out; previously, in XP and RC1, it would put ASCII characters in place of the emdashes and syllable dots… They are in place and look good in this version.

A successful upgrade in general?  Yes!

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