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Western Digital Hard Drive RMA Process…

September 25, 2006

I’ve had two hard drive acting flaky for quite a while now… and decided to RMA them through Western Digital.  Sweet interface on the website.  It found my hard drives, told me they had nearly two years left of mfg. warranty, and asked for a credit card for advance shipment.

That’s where the love stops.

I ordered these two hard drives on Sept 19th.  According to their website’s status messages, they’re still in process:

In Process for Shipment

Your replacement product is currently being processed for shipment.   You will receive an email notification once the replacement product has been shipped.   The current turn-around time is between 3-5 business days.

Three to five business days?  To pick a hard drive off a shelf and drop it in a box?!  Well, we’re at 5, so where’s the shipment?  I wonder if it’s coming via ostrich as well?  Perhaps billiegoat ground shipment.  =/  Thankfully the two drives semi-work and I can get by with the somewhat random issue of my RAID arrays failing.  Heh.So, moral of the story–if something SEEMS wrong, RMA it will Dell or your said manufacturer FIRST.  Dell’s turnaround is overnight and a dream come true to deal with.

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  1. Alan
    August 7, 2008 at 2:23 pm

    I know this is like almost 2 years late but if you have a hdd that came in a Dell pc you are supposed to RMA it to Dell. A lot of times computer manufacturers will make special deals with hardware manufacturers to get the per unit price down and one of the tactics is that the computer manufacturer will handle the warranty.

    Western Digital used to remove the serial number of drives sold to Dell, Hp, Sony, etc. from their RMA system. (A friend of mine used to work in the RMA dept. for WD.) Most of the time they wont even come up of you look them up to see if they have any time left on the warranty.

    There might have been a hiccup in their system that allowed you to start an RMA but becuase of where the drive came from would not let it finish.

  2. August 7, 2008 at 2:32 pm


    Remembering back, Dell actually told me to RMA them through WD–that they wouldn’t handle them. It ended up taking close to two weeks to get them shipped and returned back. Odd deal.

    Thankfully, those same drives are still running today. 🙂

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