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WinAMP 5.3 and iPods

September 28, 2006

So, perhaps I’m not the smartest right now (long day, painful financial theory test, yuck), but I couldn’t get the new WinAMP 5.3 to syncronize to my iPod.  It copied the files as if they were being copied to a USB device rather than into the iPod_Control directory.

So, note for this, I formatted my iPod because I had everything syncronized to the computer already.  If you don’t have things syncronized, umm, I’m sorry.

  1. Download and install WinAMP 5.3
  2. Download the iPod Plugin v1.42, but not from WinAMP’s site, from the creator’s site.  Appears to be a newer version.  Oh, and it works.  Dated 20 June 2006.  Don’t install it yet.
  3. Open WinAMP and go into Preferences.  At the bottom, clean out the unnecessary plugins.  Specifically, clean out the new WinAMP support for iPods, USB devices, and the other devices (if you don’t have them).  I also clean up the general… I don’t need the MusicMatch, Prexus, and other “crap”.
  4. Close WinAMP.
  5. Plug in your iPod, go into your My Computer and note the drive letter assigned to it (mine’s G:\ for example).
  6. Install the iPod Plugin.  Open WinAMP after the installation, Preferences, click the iPod Support.
  7. Under the format iPod box, set your drive letter to the letter you wrote down earlier.  And FORMAT.  This will rebuild the iPod_Control directory CORRECTLY (WinAMP’s new plugin doesn’t).
  8. Close your preferences page.
  9. Click the iPod under Devices and click Sync to reSync your music library.  My very modest library of 580 songs took about 3 minutes.

On a side note, those who do not want to format–give it a try without formatting… my iPod was post-toastie already after several attempts with the new plugin, so I can’t verify that just installing and using the plugin with a working iPod won’t work.

Happy iPoding. 🙂

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