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Vista and Installing to an Active Drive

September 30, 2006

My new Western Digital hard drives finally arrived, so I backed up my data and important information and blew everything away–even RAID partitions–and started from scratch.  My hopes were to create things a bit more logically (*laugh*) than I had before, yet still have the performance gain.  I used the latest 5728 build of Vista, tossed the DVD in, and ran.

Until it came up with “Windows could not find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation.”

What…?  It appears to be a common problem (per Google), but none of the resolutions (formatting) fixed it.

How did I fix it?  Boot up the Vista DVD, go into Repair mode, and let it scan the drive.  Apparently this flagged it as an active, primary drive and Vista’s installation was happy.


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