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Defrag for Dummies

October 4, 2006

I have been curious why Defragmenter was made idiot-proof in Vista and finally found the answer on the MSFT File Services blog.  I understand their concern and thinking, but still find it disheartening that the OS is truly focusing to the lowest denominator rather than providing those of us who are interested in their % defragmentation and location of certain files on the hard disk… with some sort of interface (oh, and the command line defrag.exe is lame, pure %’s, I haven’t found a slick way to actually TELL it what and where to defrag yet like you can in XP).

The new interface seems “dumbed down.” Why remove all the detail?
Interestingly enough, one of the biggest and consistent complaints we had from users (broad sample here from home users to experienced IT Pros) in the past was that a vast majority of them had no idea what the detailed fragmentation statistics they saw meant. The Windows XP graphical view also had some limitations and inaccuracies that prevented it from being included in Windows Vista. If you really want to keep a close eye on fragmentation, I’d recommend using the command-line tool Defrag.exe.

Source: The Filing Cabinet : Disk Defragmenter FAQ

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