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ASP.NET Session "cross-threading" Issues

October 9, 2006

I remember reading this article back in July and it finally bit me with an application that a consultant finished up here a few months ago.  The fix is now applied, we’ll see if it works. 

Too bad it took me a week to remember where I had read the fix.  *sigh*

Session state and kernel-mode output caching don’t mix. If you use session state in a page that has output caching enabled, and if the application runs on IIS 6.0, then you need to turn off kernel-mode output caching. You’ll still get the benefit of output caching, but because kernel-mode output caching is substantially faster than ordinary output caching, the caching won’t be as effective.

Source: Web App Follies: Keep Sites Running Smoothly By Avoiding These 10 Common ASP.NET Pitfalls — MSDN Magazine, July 2006

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