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No more odd clump of grass around my feet!

October 11, 2006

 Since LU28, I’ve had a huge clump of dead grass (furies are typically surrounded by burning thistles when they cast spells) that stays with me for 5-10 seconds after I cast… even when I jump, run, die, etc.  It was, odd, and somewhat annoying because, well, I’m particular about that.  I see that, today, that was fixed.

– A number of very odd art and particle issues ( including magical floating hair, detached mount eyes, spell effect madness and clumpy fog, among others ) have been resolved.

Source: EverQuest 2

A question: How do you screw that up?!  Our casting effects didn’t change, Nightbloods didn’t get new glowing eyes, and, to my knowledge, the physics of fog haven’t changed in quite some time… so, what newb programmer at SOE decided to mess with the principals of the universe?


On a positive note:

– We’ve tweaked a setting that may have potentially caused lower performance on multi-core or similar systems.

Those with Dual Core (intel or AMD) processors will no longer be bugged out; however, some AMD systems, if the patch was never applied, probably still have uber speed.  *sigh* I need uber speed for harvesting.

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