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"The" Swiss Army Knife – Kitchen Sink Included.

October 11, 2006


Giant Swiss Army Knife

According to the ThinkGeek article, this bad-boy isn’t a joke.  It’s somewhat of a commerative edition for Wenger’s 100 year anniversary.  I wonder, does this thing come with a chain to carry it with or a toolbox?

To that note, as a techie, I wonder what everyone usually carries around as “tools”.  A quick look into my trunk/backseat finds:

  1. A toolbox of basic networking tools–line checker, screwdrivers, wire strippers, crimpers and RJ45/RJ11 ends, and about 110′ of wire.
  2. A car kit, a Christmas gift from my parents ages ago when I was commuting to Colorado Springs regularly (9 hours), that includes everything from a pancho to flares to other things I’m not sure wtf they are.
  3. Oh, and I have a little pillow in my car so I can sleep.  Good times. 🙂

Odd enough, no swiss army knives.  Perhaps getting this would make up for years of transgressions?  Then again.  The price is a not-so-universal 800$.  Oww.

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