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BUG: ActiveReports and MS Word Pasting

October 13, 2006


We have a … template … application that implement’s Telerik’s R.A.D. Editor and DataDynamic’s ActiveReports for .NET 2.0.  Most everything is flawless except, lately, users have been attempting to paste in tables from Word into the editor boxes.  It saves, and displays just fine, but as most all developers know, Word HTML is a bit… bloated. Okay, a LOT bloated.  A simple 3 column, 4 row table expands into almost 200 lines of code from Word 2003.  Pain. 


What’s even more painful?  ActiveReports crashes… not so gracefully.

There are two key errors, if you’re logging through a custom Page_Error or your global.asax file:

  • Specified cast is not valid. 
  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

For the first, it appears the casting is occuring inside of the ActiveReport.dll when you try to place the invalid HTML into a rich text object.

longNarrative.Html = myStringOfHtml;

The second appears when, on a rich text box, you attempt to reformat in Detail_Format any information gained in Fetch_Data.

After working with DataDynamics support, it appears this is a reproducable problem and has been assigned Change Request #22445.  So watch the hotfixes on their website for that number if you’re also experiencing this issue.  I’ll post something here as soon as I recieve the email that the fix has been published.

Question: Has anyone tried this with v3.0?  I have 3.0 Standard; however, haven’t had time to attempt to rebuild these reports in that version.  I’d be curious if the issue exists since it appears they redesigned a GREAT deal of code behind architecture.

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