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Down the certification rabbit hole…

October 18, 2006

One of my annual SQIS (squish… don’t ask… it’s an education thing) goals to to reach or exceed proficiency level equal to that required to complete the MCPD: Web Developer certification.  Why am I a bit put off by this?  Well, it’s quite frankly a resource issue.  Developer certifications are not compensated here (I have my MCSA, which is uncompensated after … what? 5 exams? and my CCNA which is compensated after 2.  *sigh*)  What would it provide me (the certification paper) except the “atta’boy” feeling?  The other resource–time–requires balancing studying (aka: skimming through the exam topics and brushing up on what I don’t use everyday) with studying, the hardcore stuff that my MBA has been requiring.

Heh, oh well, we’ll see what happens.

Anyone else have the new MCPD yet?  See any professional value?  As I said, our organization only compensates for MCSE and CCNA.  My CCNA will expire in the next coming year and I’m not sure if I’ll re-up it or not–I’m not a network dude anymore and, quite frankly, probably couldn’t configure a router with my eyes open.  My MCSA has a few more cycles on it, but I have no desire to up it to MCSE as that’s not really what I do (well, technically speaking anyway).

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