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UPDATE/FIX: Telerik r.a.d. Editor Crashes Internet Explorer

October 19, 2006

This is a follow-up to my rant/post/complaint posted on Tuesday.

It appears the bug with the Telerik r.a.d. Editor exists in versions prior to 6.5.1 (I’m using a prior version, of course, since we inherited the project).  The Telerik team provided the following insight:

We are aware of the IE crash problem and it occurred with the versions of r.a.d.editor prior to 6.5.1. The problem was due to one of the latest security updates for IE – KB918899MS06-042: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer. There is a problem with this update, which affects IE and Microsoft recognized it as a bug: When you visit a Web page that uses a custom pop-up object, Internet Explorer 6 closes unexpectedly.
They also have a hotfix for it, which you can obtain from here: Update for Internet Explorer for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (KB923996).
We have managed to fix this problem internally (in v6.5.2 and 6.6.1) in all cases where we were able to reproduce the problem with the editor.
Please update your web application with the latest r.a.d.editor 6.6.1 and you should not experience this problem. We also recommend that you set the editor’s v6.6.1 EnableServerSideRendering property to “False“.

So, that’s fine and not a real shock–fixes tend to unfix other things, that’s how the world works.

We’ve rolled out the hotfix to a couple of workstations and it appears to work like a champ as, unfortunately, we’re not able to just off-cuff replace hundreds of textboxes in our application with the latest and greatest versions… not today at least.  Maybe tomorrow.

So, for those who have been having troubles, here’s the fix–or work around.  I appreciate the Telerik staff getting back to me as quickly as they did.  As usual, hats off to them.

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