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IE7 and Live Toolbar 3.0 == Double the Searching Fun

October 20, 2006

Now, I love the browser-embeded searchbars more than most–as I spend a GREAT deal of time searching and researching throughout the course of a day.   I even have custom search providers for sites I use often, such as MSDNWiki.  What really bothers me?

Two search bars… IE7’s plus Live Toolbar 3.0’s.  I LOVE the ‘Blog This’ button… I can’t say I use it everyday, but the fact that it copy/pastes, and CITES sources is SPECTACTULAR.  I refuse to lose this functionality.  However, wanting to keep things tidy, it bothers me that I cannot remove the search bar and move those icons down nicely with the other IE7 (on the tab row).

Anyone know a way around this or a way to hide it?  I’ve ‘uninstalled’ everything except the WLW plug-in and still can’t get rid of it. 😦

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