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FFXII: A First Look

October 31, 2006

Contains nothing I consider a spoiler… given you’ve read the book. 😛

So, I’m 6 hours into playing FFXII.  w00t.  It’s hard to explain.

Battle system.  The new battle system is pretty damn cool.  It’s a strange mix of FFX and FFXI Online.  Real time, but… not real time.  Targeting is still a challenge for me–no matter what direction I move the controller, it doesn’t help.  Haha.

Gambits, AI, etc.  I haven’t figured out Gambits yet–they sometimes work, but not always.  It’s like setting up rules or macros–neat stuff, but not perfect.  I’ll figure it out.  The AI is pretty good too.  There needs to be a way for you to set up a Gambit like:  “If Libra is activated and mob is weak to “Element X”, cast “Element X” magic and attacks.”  *sigh*

Story.  Badass so far, very deep… very… twisting.  ❤

More to come over the next week or two!

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