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Halloween ReOrg! or No Taco for You UPS Driver!

October 31, 2006

I’m sorry! I’m sorry!  To start off, I’m both happy and scared of some of my readers.

I had readers? Hah.  Cool.  Anyway, the code blog idea was a bust.  I had about 2 dozen emails of people asking me to recombine stuff and not split the two.  As one wrote: “screw everyone else.”  While that’s not really my style, thanks for the tip. 

So, I’ve republished those postings that were in the coding blog back to this blog.  woot.  That honestly does simplify maintenance, though it clutters the getCoding() category.  Thus, I’ll be spending the next few days splitting up some of the getCoding() posts into subject based–asp.net 1.1, 2.0, MCMS, SharePoint, etc. 

On a BETTER NOTE: Final Fantasy XII is “OUT FOR DELIVERY” according to the UPS shipper.  I’m shocked.  Today’s the release date, but it LEFT GameStop’s distribution center (Louisville, KY shockingly enough) at 1:47 PM last night and arrived in Wichita at 6:47 AM.  It’s sweet that I’ll have it happily delivered to my door before most can get up and around and go to the actual store today.  The distance between my front door and my PS2 is less than from my front door to Best Buy… now, let’s hope people bring me food and beverages over the next week.  If I haven’t posted anything, I’m pwning Ultima Weapon or whatever fun and exciting things are in the game.

Oh, the taco reference is to Greg Dean’s comic from yesterday.  His comic from today is pretty much the same attitude I have.

Finally, it’s Halloween.  Umm, wow.  This one snuck up on me.  I honestly TOTALLY forgot about it until I realized there were bags of candy sitting in the kitchen this morning as I stepped over them to get to the coffee pot.  Oh, and I realized it was Halloween because the FREAKS OF THE NATION have started playing Christmas music and decorating.  Please hide me until New Years!

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