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Refactoring for Fun and Books!

November 14, 2006

 Billy McCafferty over on devlicio.us is having a refactoring contest; fun times!  Be sure to check it out!

Refactor It! The Weekly Book Giveaway

Each week, refactor my smelly project and win a free book!

Here’s how it’ll work

  • Each Tuesday, beginning tomorrow, Nov. 13, a VS 2005 project will be provided which contains one or more specified “smells.”  The project may be a Windows App, a Console App, an ASP.NET Web App or even a simple Class Library; but it will always be in C# 2.0.  Refactorings may range from simply introducing new methods to applying design patterns.  The project will have one or more unit tests, verified with NUnit 2.0, to verify that the project is in working order.

Source: Billy McCafferty : Refactor It! The Weekly Book Giveaway

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