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KansasSkools Rock at CIO Magazine

November 21, 2006

 The November 15th edition of CIO Magazine is filled with a pretty interesting article about Web 2.0 and Microsoft’s vision led by Ballmer, Turner, and Lees (and a good paragraph by Ray Ozzie).  Beyond that, and on a somewhat funny bone since … well, a holiday is coming up and serious work is seriously not on the horizon at the moment, the End Notes had pseudo-blogs.

This one, by good old C. Darwin, was a hoot.  Directed at our good ol’ Kansas BOE, I really did LOL.

3. From the Galapagos Report

Natural Selection?
Posted on Wed., Sept. 9, 1835, by C. Darwin
Hello from the Beagle! Reading Lyell’s Principles of Geology (get it at Amazon here). I saw tons of different kinds of finches on the archipelago. What if they all started out as one species and began adapting to fit different environmental niches? IMO, that would mean the ones that were fittest to survive would thrive. The others would die out. They’d evolve! Anyway, FWIW, I’m going to work on this idea.

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Posted by KansasSkools
Darwin, that’s like, totally stupid. You might want to look at Genesis. How could finches evolve in seven days? TTYL, Science Boy!

Source: Let Us Now Praise Famous Blogs – Editorial – CIO

Heh.  Sadly, that debate continues to rage on amongst the BOE and practitioners here in the state.  In either case, public taunting of the state in a professional trade magazine not even targeting educators is a sign of how ridiculous EVERYONE sees the debate (note it points to KS and not other states, organizations, or religious groups).

On that note, I’m off for a few days, and hope to have more and be in more of a mood to blog when I get back (still haven’t been feeling well).  Have a great turkey day and pray for the Chiefs to actually win a football game!

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