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EQ2 & LU29 (EoF) UI Modifications

November 24, 2006

LU29 really messed up some of my UI enhancements and I’ve spent the past week picking over what worked and what didn’t… finding new objects on EQ2Interface, and redesigning UI components that I couldn’t find.

EQ2 LU29 Main Screen 

Main Screen, based on Mother’s Group & Target windowsMortis Hotkeys, and some old ProfitUI windows that redesigned to my liking.

EQ2 LU29 Inventory Bags 

Inventory Bags, based on RickF7666’s Stripped Down 30px 6 column bags.

EQ2 LU29 Persona Screen

Finally, Airobeth’s Persona Window, updated for LU29.

If you’re looking for some very stable UI pieces, check these out–all of these authors have designed some very clean objects that are updated almost as soon as something changes in SOE-world. 🙂

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