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Busy time of year…

December 6, 2006

I haven’t died (yet), but have been really dog paddling to keep up lately.   Summary:

  1. We had snow last week, it’s starting to melt now, but, snow is horrid.  (Pics)
  2. With the end of the school year coming around, panic has set in for many migrations.
    1. Migrating to Oracle 10g applications and database,
    2. Migrating our SharePoint Portal to production (still 2003),
    3. Rolling out updates for CMS,
    4. Testing Vista, Office 2007, MOSS 2007, and other new Microsoft goodies now that they’ve hit the MSDN and MSVL download sites,
    5. Attempting to get a grasp on WPF, WCF, and everything else of .NET 3.0.
  3. Shopping for holiday gifts, making holiday plans, and AVOIDING holiday cheer.
  4. Surviving my university classes (Law class == A, now onward to Economics).

So, where’s the code snippets–what have I been doing?  Well, not coding much as of late.  A big project of mine has been to solidify our web strategy and present/sell it to everyone else.  So, Word has been the tool of choice lately.  The entire process has been pretty interesting.  I’ve been trying to work with everyone to get a grasp of what the district has today, what we either need or should be needing based on the education industry, the general district goals, and the technology industry–and then wrapping that into a document with a timeline, resources, costs, etc. 

Heh, it is very reminiscent of some of the ROI and strategic planning I did for small businesses while consulting; the scope is just much wider here.

Beyond that, I’m working to create .NET development standards for our projects (how DAL/BLLs are configured, databases are setup, documentation, testing, rollout, etc) and have found that to be a quite complicated task.  Two huge stumbling blocks at the moment: a) I’m the only .NET developer, and b) I’m the only .NET developer.  Heh.

I’m also scheduled to hit up the 2541-2544 MSFT .NET 2.0 classes over the next few weeks.  Executrain actually worked pretty hard to put the two data classes into a week and the two web development classes into another week to–so if you’re in the area and interested, hit up the web site and sign up. 🙂  I’m sure the two Core days will be a bit redundant, but I’ve never had any formal .NET training (ever, just buying my own books and experimenting), so I’m SURE there will be plenty to learn from even just casual conversations and chats during breaks.

Finally, I picked up Fritz Onion’s (Blog) Essential ASP.NET 2.0 (Amazon) and have made it my goal to get that read in the next couple of weeks.  So far, it’s been pretty good as a nice baseline .NET 2.0 book.  I enjoy these books to the fact that every developer develops differently and even methodologies of using the same toolset can be a learning experience.

And finally, EQ2.  EoF has been out for a couple weeks now and has been… painful.  The Fae are cool and my swashy is 21ish at the moment, but the newer raid content has been owning us due to either content or script bugs or the fact that the paradigm of EoF is nothing like many of our current raid force are used to–raw stamina and outlasting the encounters won’t work; they are complicated scripts that requires coordination and teamwork.  I’m sure we’ll improve and come out better players, but it’s been a bit bumpy.

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