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How many blogging clients do you need?

December 7, 2006
So, I’ve been a pretty heavy user of Windows Live Writer (beta) since it came out.  I like the interface and it seems to post pretty much WYSIWYG.  Unfortunately, since some recent WordPress changes, it appears to be duplicating entries.  Bleh.  Also, as with any client software, it’s not everywhere and requires me to install it on the different PCs that I blog from (work, school, home, random wandering around the Earth).  A co-worker turned me towards Blogmailr; an online, "update your blog by sending it an email" that allows you to blog from any email client–your PC, mobile laptop, Blackberry, even your cell phone.
So, this is posted using Blogmailr and coming from gmail; I’ll post my next entry from Outlook or something and try it out for a few days.
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